Key Quest Escape Rooms
VA-Virginia Beach
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How It Works

Check in and one of our Clue Crew will explain your Key Quest objectives.
Enter a themed and mysterious room. Solve a series of puzzles using logic, knowledge, communication and teamwork.
You have 45 minutes. Your Quest for the Key Awaits!


Vacation Vandals

Vacation Vandals
Your dream vacation is booked. Your bags are packed and all that is left is a quick stop by the travel agency to pick up your tickets. When you pull into the parking lot, you can see the front door to the travel agency has been smashed. Cautiously you enter the room only to find the infamous Vacation Vandals have ransacked the office. Find your tickets and you will still have time to make it to the airport!

The Cellar

The Cellar

A psychopathic serial killer has been terrorizing the neighbourhood. Several victims have been abducted leaving behind only chilling and hollow remnants of what was once their cherished lives.

Now, you find yourselves as the latest victims. The killer has taken you to a dark cellar where you too will… breathe your last breaths unless you are cunning enough to escape.

Untangle the sinister and nightmarish clues to unravel this tangled web of mayhem and chaos.



Attention Students! Attention Students!
You have been sent to detention for being the class clown.
You have 45 minutes to reflect on your actions.

Prove that you have been listening in class by solving a series of
puzzles to get out of detention early.



$15/per person.
NOTE: There is a minimum charge based on the price of three participants.


Accomplish your mission in under 45 minutes and receive a 2-4-1 pass to Laser Quest!

Groups & Events

Anyone 12 years of age and older will enjoy the immersive fun of the escape room experience. It's the ultimate interactive experience for office parties, youth events, birthday parties, sports teams, or a fun night out with friends. The escape room experience will get you working together towards a common goal on your quest for the key.

Captivate your mind and satisfy your quest for a challenge.


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2682 Dean Drive, Virginia Beach VA, 23452
Located inside Laser Quest

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Regular Hours

Mon: Private events
Tues: 5pm to 9pm
Wed: 5pm to 9pm
Thurs: 5pm to 9pm
Fri: Pre-book only
Sat: Pre-book only
Sun: Pre-book only

In order to guarantee the puzzle you want, please call to make a reservation.
The Key Quest experience may be available at other times for groups of 6 or more. Call 757-463-6300 today!


You've got questions.... We've got answers!

1. What is Key Quest?
Key Quest is a live action escape room, presented by Laser Quest. Players must use observation and critical thinking skills to find clues, solve a series of puzzles, and ultimately, discover the "key" to escape the room within a set time limit.

2. How long is the game?
Players have 45 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room, but count on the entire experience taking about an hour.

3. How much does it cost?
The Key Quest experience is $15 per player and there is a minimum charge based on the price of three participants.

4. How many players play at once?
Up to six people can play at once and we recommend having at least three players.

5. How old do players need to be?
Our escape rooms are designed for a variety of ages. Some of our puzzles in each of our themes may be solved by a group of 10-12 year olds and some of our experiences will be challenging for a group of adults. Generally, anyone over 16 years of age will enjoy the immersive fun of Key Quest. We do not enforce a *minimum age, so if younger participants would like to join a family or group, they are welcome.
*Please note: due to the theme and content of “The Cellar”, that experience is ideally recommended for 16 years and older.


$15/per person NOTE: There is a minimum charge based on the price of three participants

6. How do I make a reservation?
All you will have to do is call your local Laser Quest to make a reservation.

7. Is it safe?

8. Are we locked in?
In our version, players are never locked in; you can get out any time you like. We recommend bathroom breaks before the game starts, so you don't have to leave midway through your game experience.

9. Can I take photos?
Photos and videos aren't allowed in the game. Feel free to take pictures outside the room using our fun signs. Don’t forget to share the photos with your friends!

10. What do we do if we cannot solve the riddles?
You will receive up to three hints from our Clue Crew to assist you in getting back on the right track.

11. Where do I leave my belongings while I am in the Escape Room?
Lockers are provided for Customers during the Key Quest Experience.

12. Who would like this activity?
Anyone who likes solving puzzles, lateral thinking, or having fun!